Courier Insurance

As a motor trader, you routinely buy and sell vehicles that suit your business. Doing these and supporting activities can open you to a number of risky situations. Minimize these risks by getting insurance. Most of the people engaged in this line of work acquire a suitable policy for peace of mind. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Choose wisely based on the offerings, the customer service, and the cost of the monthly premiums. Get a courier insurance online quote from each of your candidates so that you can compare them against each other.

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Road Risk

Traders often drive the vehicles of their customers. Should any damage occur, there should be an insurance policy to cover it so as to avoid out of pocket expenses. There are three types of coverage under this. Third-party cover provides you with immediate funds in case you cause a collision and other people or vehicles get damaged in the process. An additional cover for 3rd party fire and theft may be included to shield against financial issues caused by these. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, is coverage for damage sustained by the vehicle that you are driving.


This will pertain to the business itself. You will have a number of employees working for you day after day. You are in-charge of keeping them safe. If they are injured while at work, then you may be held liable for their accident. The products that you sell to customers must also be checked for quality. They must do what is indicated on the label. If they don't, then buyers might sue. Product liability coverage can protect you up to a certain point. Public liabilty, on the other hand, provides funds in case customers and other people get into accidents within your workplace.

Combined Insurance

This covers things that were not mentioned but are vital to the business as well. For instance, it will cover damage to fixtures, machinery, and tools within the workplace. This can also take care of damages that are sustained by vehicles that are parked within the premises. In case the personal possessions of employees and customers get stolen, claims may be pursued from this policy for compensation. Different types of business interruptions may also be compensated. Check with your agent to learn the exact scope and limits of their policy to prevent surprises.